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Browse the most frequently asked questions about selling your toys. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Getting Started with Ozone Toys App

Begin your journey with the Ozone Toys App. This section provides you with all the basic information you need to start selling your collectible toys. From downloading the app to creating your first listing, find step-by-step guidance here.

6 Answers
You can download the Ozone Toys App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for 'Ozone Toys' and click on the 'Install' button. After the download is complete, open the app and you're good to go.
You will not need an account until you are actaully ready to submit your toys. To create an account, you will need a valid email address and a password. You'll also be asked to provide basic personal information for account verification and security purposes.
To sell your first item, scan the barcode of your toy or collectible using the app's scanning feature. The app will then show you our offer and guide you through the process.
From the home page, tap on the '+'' button in the bottom right corner to add an item to your list. Tap the scanner icon to open the barcode scanner, or tap the magnifying glass to search instead.
If you are unable to find an item in our catalog, you can send us a lookup request instead. From the search page, tap on the "Upload Photo" button. Then, use the camera to send us a picture of the item. We will find the item and send you a notification once we have an offer ready.
If you have items that the app is not interested in, you can still sell them to us. Simply send us a list of the items you want to sell, and we will send you an offer.

Selling Process and Payments

Understand the ins and outs of our selling process and payment system. This section covers detailed information about how to sell your items, how pricing is determined, and the secure methods through which you will receive your payment.

6 Answers
The offer for your item is generated instantly by our proprietary algorithm, which considers many different factors such as market demand, rarity, and condition of the item.
We offer payment through PayPal, or by check. You can choose your preferred payment when you submit your first list, and can change it anytime.
Payment is submitted as soon as our review is complete. PayPal payments are cleared within 12 hours. Checks can take up to 10 business days to arrive.
PayPal payments do not have any fees. There is a $4.00 fee for each check that we mail.
We may still be checking in some of the boxes or waiting for them to arrive. You can receive your payment in parts if your profile is set for PayPal. We will notify you after each box is checked in and you can choose to receive several partial payments rather than waiting for the entire review to be completed.
We submit a payment batch every 3 hours. If you list says, "Awaiting Payment", it is queued for the next batch and the payment will be sent within 3 hours.

Shipping and Handling

Get clear instructions and helpful tips on shipping your toys to us. This category explains our free shipping policy, how to package your items, and what happens after your items reach our warehouse.

13 Answers
Your items should be securely packaged to prevent damage during transit. Use bubble wrap for fragile items and ensure that all items are tightly packed to avoid movement.
We provide free shipping for all lists over $100. Once your list is submitted, we will send you prepaid shipping labels to attach to your packages.
Upon arrival, your items undergo a thorough inspection to verify their condition. If they meet our quality standards, we proceed with the sale and payment process.
Most packages arrive within 1 week of being shipped. You can track your package using the tracking number provided on the shipping label.
You will need one shipping label per box that you are sending to us. You can send multiple items in one box.
The shipping labels created from within the app are from the USPS. You can drop them off at your local post office.
You can use as many boxes as you need to ship your items. Fewer boxes are better and make the check-in process quicker. However, do not use too big of a box that your items are not properly protected.
Your boxes can be up to 108 inches in combined length (the longest side of the box) and girth ((width + height) x 2). Boxes can weigh up to 50 pounds. Avoid overfilling a large box as this can cause damage to your items.
Yes, you can drop your list off at our warehouse. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
The post office marks our packages as delivered when they are placed in our container at the USPS. They are not yet in our possession, but we should receive them on the next business day. We will send you an email when we do.
Almost all lists are reviewed within 2 business days. If yours is taking longer, we may have received a large number of submissions. All lists are checked in on a first-come, first-serve basis.
To request additional labels, open your profile, and select the list you want to ship. From this page, you can tap "Reset the Boxes" to request new shipping labels. Please discard the old labels and use the new ones that are generated. The tracking numbers are unique and are used to identify your list.
No problem at all. You can discard the extra labels and we will still be able to complete the check-in process without any issues.

Item Check-In and Quality Standards

Learn about our quality standards and item acceptance criteria. This section provides insights into what makes an item eligible for sale, how condition affects pricing, and what happens to items that don't meet our standards.

10 Answers
Almost all lists are reviewed within 2 business days. We may be delayed an extra day if we receive a large number of submissions.
All of our offers are dependent on your items meeting our condition guidelines. All items are assumed to be authentic, new, unopened, unused, and factory sealed. The packaging must be in mint to near-mint condition and appear as it did when it was new. If an item is unused but the packaging has been opened or is in poor condition, it is not new. When you add an item to your list, you confirm that it fits this description.
If you are unsure whether your item fits our definition of new, we are here to help. After finding your item, tap the 'new' button at the bottom of the page. There, you can upload a photo of any defects. We will review the images and let you know if the item meets our guidelines.
The better the condition of your item, the higher the price it can fetch. Items in 'like new' condition are valued higher than those with visible wear and tear.
When we find an item that does not meet our condition guidelines, we will add a photo within the app showing you the damages we found. We will also offer to purchase the item at a discounted price. If you would prefer not to accept our adjusted offer, you can have the item mailed back to you. Return shipping costs vary based on the package weight, but we offer reduced rates through the USPS.
An item marked by excessive or large stickers will not be classified as new. Small price tags on older (10+ years) items will be accepted. Items damaged from attempting to remove stickers are not new.
We will offer to purchase damaged items at a discounted price instead of returning it. If you would still not prefer not to accept our adjusted offer, you can have the item mailed back to you. Return shipping costs vary based on the package weight, but we offer reduced rates through the USPS.
The offer for a damaged item will be decreased based on the amount of damage found. Toys and collectibles are greatly reduced in value if they are not sealed or are in a damaged package. Our offers for items that are not new will reduce accordingly.
To remain fair to all of our customers, all lists are checked in on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will not make any exceptions.
If part of your list is missing, we may still be checking in some of the boxes, or waiting for them to arrive. Please check back later, or wait for us to notify you with any updates. If you do not hear anything for several days, please contact us.

Technical Support and Account Management

Need help with the app or managing your account? This category offers solutions to common technical issues, guidance on how to update your personal and payment details, and how to navigate through various features of the app.

2 Answers
You can update your details in the 'Profile' section of the app. Make sure to save any changes you make.
If you experience any technical difficulties, please use the 'Help' feature in the app to report the issue, or contact our customer support team for assistance.

Privacy and Security

Your trust is our priority. This section is dedicated to addressing your concerns about data privacy and security. Find out how your personal information is protected and the measures we take to ensure a secure selling experience.

3 Answers
We employ advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your personal data. We also adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure your information is never shared without your consent.
The app collects data necessary for account setup and transaction processing, such as your name, address, and payment details. We also gather usage data to improve app functionality.
Absolutely. You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data at any time. Please contact our support team to initiate the process.
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